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Siri for the win

When Apple launched its new iPhone 4S it came with an intelligent personal assistant called Siri. It helps you getting things done just by asking. You can send messages, get directions, ask how many days it’s until Christmas, schedule appointments and much more. Siri really understands your natural speech, it will even ask specific questions if it needs more information to complete a task.

We will give a clear example of how Siri could make your life easier. When you ask Siri “Do I need to wear a raincoat?”, it will tell you if you need to wear one and it will even give you the weather expectations of the next hours and days.

Currently Siri is still in beta, Apple is still making improvements to make it even better. For the moment it only understands and speaks 3 languages (English, French and German), this amount will grow in the next months. Over time you will be able to lock or unlock your car, change the room temperature, ask to print a document and so much more with Siri.

If we haven’t still convinced you it’s one cool gadget, we will now. Siri does not only give you the information when needed, it also makes you smile. Apple has put some nice deadpan humor in it to put a smile on your face now and then.

Awesomeness with Siri
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How to start becoming awesome?

Nowadays everybody wants to be mister or misses popular. That’s the raison why social media websites as Facebook, Twitter and many more are so popular. Everybody wants to build an own image and show he or she has lots of friends and does awesome stuff in his spare time.

But how can you (and your friends) quickly become more awesome. Well, just start using autocorrect. Yes, it’s that easy, just take your (i)Phone, go to settings and turn on your autocorrect.

How the hell will I become more awesome by using autocorrect?
Using autocorrect will first of all improve your life standard. You will spend less time typing messages or will be able to send more messages in the same timespan (double win).

Secondly you will be able to respond quicker on messages you receive. In this way people will love to send you more messages (score).

And now the third and most important reason why YOU should start using autocorrect is you will be able to create epic and funny unintentional messages. It’s THE ideal way to create absurd, amusing, hilarious and even priceless conversations.

Awesome mistakes

What are you waiting for? Put on those autocorrectionsss!

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