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This week’s word – week 10

Fail boat:A term you use when someone fails or does something wrong, implying in a joking way that it was really bad or that it went wrong because they were just being stupid. It you look at it on the scale of failure it would be just below the term “epic fail”.Example:
-Excuse me sir, can i please take a ride on your fail boat?
-All aboard the fail boat!

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Samsung’s Smart Window

Nowadays, the future is at our doorstep. Electronics giant Samsung has created a new product called “Transparent Smart Window” and was unveiled at the CES 2012 show in Las Vegas. The most remarkable thing is that it will go in production in only a few weeks.

The Transparent Smart window is a plain-looking window that also works as a computer and even as a TV. You can pop up weather info, twitter, emails, search the web, watch TV programs, etc. Looking at TV will never be the same, for example when you are in the kitchen you will be able to watch recipes from popular cooking programs to help you prepare your dinner.

Because it’s a window it lets in natural sunlight, but when you want to block the light out it can even be used as an electronic blind. At night the screen can be lighted for optimal use. The screen is very eco friendly and even uses a bit of solar power. The screen operates as a one-way mirror so no one will be able to see what you’re doing.

In the future windows like these will be used in cars to display the speed, the petrol gage and so much more. You will be able to swipe away-unneeded information and place it where you would like it. The window will normally be available at the end of the year.

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This week’s word – week 8

Couching distanceThe distance someone can reach without having to leave the couch or sofa.

Example: Damn, I can’t reach the stupid remote control because it’s not in couching distance. Can you give it to me?

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This week’s word – week 5

Feed bankruptcy: Being so long away from social media it result in an impossible mission to catch up on all the posts in your feed since you were last logged on.

I have been away for the weekend (declaring feed bankruptcy), none of you did anything interesting, right?

awesome social media

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Being awesome is something you need to deserve

Awesomehold this

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Siri for the win

When Apple launched its new iPhone 4S it came with an intelligent personal assistant called Siri. It helps you getting things done just by asking. You can send messages, get directions, ask how many days it’s until Christmas, schedule appointments and much more. Siri really understands your natural speech, it will even ask specific questions if it needs more information to complete a task.

We will give a clear example of how Siri could make your life easier. When you ask Siri “Do I need to wear a raincoat?”, it will tell you if you need to wear one and it will even give you the weather expectations of the next hours and days.

Currently Siri is still in beta, Apple is still making improvements to make it even better. For the moment it only understands and speaks 3 languages (English, French and German), this amount will grow in the next months. Over time you will be able to lock or unlock your car, change the room temperature, ask to print a document and so much more with Siri.

If we haven’t still convinced you it’s one cool gadget, we will now. Siri does not only give you the information when needed, it also makes you smile. Apple has put some nice deadpan humor in it to put a smile on your face now and then.

Awesomeness with Siri
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This week’s word – week 2

Whale tail: this is the Y-shaped waistband of a thong or g-string (intentionally or unintentionally) when visible above the waistline of a (hopefully hot) woman’s trousers.

awesome whale tail

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How to start becoming awesome?

Nowadays everybody wants to be mister or misses popular. That’s the raison why social media websites as Facebook, Twitter and many more are so popular. Everybody wants to build an own image and show he or she has lots of friends and does awesome stuff in his spare time.

But how can you (and your friends) quickly become more awesome. Well, just start using autocorrect. Yes, it’s that easy, just take your (i)Phone, go to settings and turn on your autocorrect.

How the hell will I become more awesome by using autocorrect?
Using autocorrect will first of all improve your life standard. You will spend less time typing messages or will be able to send more messages in the same timespan (double win).

Secondly you will be able to respond quicker on messages you receive. In this way people will love to send you more messages (score).

And now the third and most important reason why YOU should start using autocorrect is you will be able to create epic and funny unintentional messages. It’s THE ideal way to create absurd, amusing, hilarious and even priceless conversations.

Awesome mistakes

What are you waiting for? Put on those autocorrectionsss!

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This week’s word – week 1

Awesomesauce: something that is more awesome than awesome. It is a modifyer of your basic awesome into a more awesome version. It’s like applesauce, but its made out of awesome.

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