Words of the week

Week 1: Awesomesauce: something that is more awesome than awesome. It is a modifyer of your basic awesome into a more awesome version. It’s like applesauce, but its made out of awesome.

Week 2: Whale tail
: this is the Y-shaped waistband of a thong or g-string (intentionally or unintentionally) when visible above the waistline of a (hopefully hot) woman’s trousers.

awesome whale tail

Week 3: Darth Breather: a person who breathes so loud he sounds exactly  like Darth Vader while breathing. Mostly unknowing and  especially in quiet places.

-Thomas: I really couldn’t complete my exam yesterday.
*Josua: Why? Was it that hard?
-Thomas: No, but there was a darth breather next to me.

Week 4: Buddy whoring: People who randomly collect “friends” on social media websites like Facebook in which they have no idea who the hell these people are.

Tom is buddy whoring again. He has requested all of my friends that he doesn’t even know.

awesome facebook friend request

Week 5: Feed bankruptcy: Being so long away from social media it result in an impossible mission to catch up on all the posts in your feed since you were last logged on.

I have been away for the weekend (declaring feed bankruptcy), none of you did anything interesting, right?
awesome social media

Week6: New Year Flu: It is a sickness that is brought on by kissing random strangers at midnight of New Year’s Eve. It exhibits many of the same symptoms of the common cold or flu.

Example: My throat is killing me and all of my joints ache. I think I caught the New Year Flu from kissing those randoms at midnight.

Week 7: Adverblasting: When the audio played in a commercials is much louder than the audio of the program you actually want to watch.

Example: Man, I was just relaxing and watching “Mad Men”, when I had to turn down the audio of my TV when the commercials came on because of that damn adverblasting. I hate it when that happens!

Week 8: Couching distanceThe distance someone can reach without having to leave the couch or sofa.

Example: Damn, I can’t reach the stupid remote control because it’s not in couching distance. Can you give it to me?

Week 9: Facebook Creep: A person who spends too much time looking at people’s pictures, conversations, and information. They especially check out people of the opposite sex, mostly people who they have never met before. These people have also random conversations with people who they would never talk to in real life. A good facebook creep will start a relationship with the person who they randomly started talking to.

Tom: Yesterday Astrid was talking again to friends of me on Facebook for no reason. She hasn’t even met those people.

Jack: Hahaha, what a Facebook creap!

Tom: You got that right!

Week 10: Fail boat: A term you use when someone fails or does something wrong, implying in a joking way that it was really bad or that it went wrong because they were just being stupid. It you look at it on the scale of failure it would be just below the term “epic fail”.

-Excuse me sir, can i please take a ride on your fail boat?
-All aboard the fail boat!

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